Your Cart has been delivered

To operate the cart:

Enter the code provided then press Start. You will not hear an engine start like a car.

Put the cart in gear ( either forward or reverse) with the shifter located on the lower body portion of cart and hit the gas pedal to move once started.

When not in use, press the RED STOP button to turn off the golf cart.

Be sure all stereo and lights are powered off when not in use. The headlight switch is located on the dash.

To Pair speakers via BLUETOOTH:

Once the cart is powered on, hold down the black power button symbol for 10 seconds.Look for the name PROBOX under the BLUETOOTH option on your device. You may or may not hear a connection noise. To control the volume or change songs, use your device.

Important information

You may drive anywhere within the resort, to downtown Port Aransas via the beach, or on the beach up until mile marker 62. No driving on highway 361. All cart operators must have their drivers license. If an underage person is caught driving the cart, it will be confiscated without refund.

Please have your golf cart ready for pick up at your unit on your last day by 10 AM.*

*Starting March 1, 2022: Delivery will begin at 12 PM and pickup will be 10 AM.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office from 9 AM -6 PM:

(361)-217-0703 or